Clouds, Torrents, Streams and Seedr

Ember Impressions

Adding Torrents on the Cloud and Streaming to any device made easy with Seedr


Get Seedr here —>

The FREE TIER starts with 2 gigs ! Earn more FREE space with:

Get Seedr here —>

Only Chrome offers the free Seedr extension app.  If you don’t have Chrome already installed on your device Click on the Logo or hyperlink below to get it.


This action will NOT launch a download. You will be allowed to verify and/or select your platform and nothing will download until you click on the DOWNLOAD button.  Clicking above will just take you to
Click here to get started with Seedr and you’ll be saying what I said:that-was-easy-button

And that’s a beautiful thing.

cloudstorrentstreamphotoA torrent is a heavy rain, or the quick flowing streams it causes.  Clouds, torrents, and streams are natural counterparts in the hydrologic cycle of our planet.

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